SEO Topics for 2015

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the right combination of many things can provide you with search results that will outlast any Pay-Per-Click campaign. The right SEO increases the amount traffic to your website. By improving your site’s search engine crawling ability you’ll enable Google, Bing, Yahoo and their affiliates to route potential customers right to…


Solar Flares & Technology

The Effects of Solar Flares on Technology Scientists have expressed concern about the impact on the Earth as two of the sun’s activities converge in 2013. That year, NASA expects a peak in the sun’s magnetic energy cycle to coincide with a peak in its 11-year cycle of solar flares. The sun’s increased activity levels,…


How to check if an email is spam

Every day millions of emails are sent throughout the world. Many of which are spam emails, phishing emails or just plain scams. Here is how you tell what is real and what isn’t. Did you know that spammers are able to send emails and make it look like it came from an address you trust…


Social Networking Etiquette

Social Networking etiquette: You should ALWAYS Like business and Follow those, who follow/like you!