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Why Should You Use Pay Per Click Advertising?

Marketing your product or service using Google Adwords or Bing ads (Yahoo!) can be quite profitable to most companies who offer a product or service. Fraser Valley SEO can set up your campaigns, monitor the analytic tools and provide you with reports.

PPC Advertising can boost your website’s online presence by promoting the following

  • Driving traffic quickly to your website
  • Setting up Seasonal campaigns
  • Targeting your audience Geographically and by Time and Day
  • Route your traffic to specific pages on your website that point directly to sales
  • Your company is in one of the top verticals advertising on the online market (education, travel, real-estate, financial services and retail) and wants to be highly competitive in ranking.

Search Engine Marketing using Display Advertising

PPC ads are excellent for marketing, but display ads offer more information in rich eye catching graphics that benefit search advertising.

  • Creating Brand Awareness. Display ads help your connection with potential customers reach that purchase goal
  • Designed to catch the eye. Display ads are rotated on other popular websites that has relevant content to what the searcher is looking for
  • Customer Engagement.  Display ads provide your customer with the message of  sight, sound, motion and the ability to interact with your Company / Brand Exposure. People are generally very visual and once they have seen a brand it will be better detected the second time around, even if it’s in text